Getting To Know Dr. Passler

September 15, 2016 4 min read

Getting To Know Dr. Passler

With over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness field, Dr. Charles Passler has finally taken his knowledge and expertise to the masses through the development of the Pure Change program. In this post, get to know Dr. Passler’s background, his tips on making the most of your Pure Change experience and his health and wellness beliefs.

Getting to Know Dr. Passler

Tell us about yourself and your background in health and wellness. 

I opened my practice in 1994, but I first became interested in health and wellness in high school. I was a wrestler, and it was then I realized that what I put in my body actually made a difference. 

When you’re a wrestler, you need to keep your weight down and muscle up; you’re expected to have and maintain the energy required to get through a match. Being a wrestler made me think about the type of food and supplements I was putting into my body, and the importance of getting enough rest. During this time, I also became interested in different breathing and relaxation techniques.

Was there a moment during this time where you had a lightbulb moment of wanting to work in the health and wellness field? 

After high school, I went to the army. During my time in the army, the importance of taking care of yourself became even more apparent, since you were using your body as a vehicle to perform and accomplish what is needed and expected of you. At that time, my goal was being strong and getting through basic training. 

Is there any army mentality that affects your everyday life? 

I call it being a “cost acceptor.” What that means is accepting the cost required to achieve the goals that you’ve set for yourself. 

For example, you set a goal of doing 60 push-ups: You need to set that goal in your mind, and accept the reality that if you have never done a push-up before, you may not be able to do 60 push-ups in two minutes. 

You have to accept the cost required to put in that extra work, such as increasing the amount of push-ups you do each day to build up to the 60, so that you can actually reach your goal.

What does your average morning look like? 

On an average work day, I wake up at 5AM. I get to the office by 6:45AM, and I have one of our Daily Wellness Shakes or a Pure Change Bar, and take one of our Wellness Packets and get to work.

What do you do when you have free time? 

I always try to do something active, whether it’s kayaking, swimming, bike riding, hiking, or gardening. Most of my free days are spent outside of the house with friends and family.

Pure Change & The Inspiration Behind It

What inspired you to create the Pure Change program? 

My motivation for creating Pure Change was to expose my 20+ years of experience beyond my office, and help people that I may not be able to see one-on-one change their lives. 

Who is the person you feel the Pure Change program is created for? 

It’s somebody who wants to be proactive, wants to create a change, and wants to see results. It’s for anyone who has the mindset of living healthier. The Pure Change program is a catalyst to living a healthier lifestyle.

What tools do you recommend purchasing in addition to the Pure Change program?

A food scale is a great investment so you know exactly what portions you are preparing and eating of your vegetables and protein. Eventually, you’ll be able to eyeball your portion sizes, which is great for when you are eating out. 

What is your advice for anyone about to embark on the Pure Change program? 

Read the manual closely. Don’t dismiss the information that is not related to eating. This program is about more than drinking shakes and eating bars; it’s a lifestyle. You have to be ready to accept the reality and the commitment of taking 7 or 21 days out of your life, and dedicating it to your health. Take it one meal, one snack and one day at a time. 

Starting the program with a friend or family member always works better. Most people find it easier and more fun to complete the program with a companion – with a friend, you can cook meals together and motivate each other.  

What are the biggest differences between the 7-day and 21-day programs? 

The 21-day program allows you to experience the Pure Change program in real life and develop healthier habits in the long-term. 

The 7-day program is more geared to someone who has a basic understanding of how to eat well and needs to reboot themselves and give themselves a jumpstart. It’s for someone who wants to get back on track to their healthy lifestyle after they may have recently fallen into bad habits. 

One of the biggest benefits of both the 7-day and 21-day programs is taking yourself out of your day-to-day relationship with food. You may realize that maybe you eat when you’re bored, or that you actually need less food than you’ve been eating. It gives you a fresh perspective on your eating habits and how your body reacts to the foods you’ve been eating.

Health and Wellness

What is your health and wellness motto? 

Lately, it’s been: “If your health matters to you, accept the cost required to make it real.” 

What is your mentality on calories? 

Calories, of course, do matter. But I am more focused on the content of the food you are eating and the timing and distribution of your calories. 

What’s the one piece of advice you give to all of your clients? 

It’s about making choices. I ask all of my clients: “Tell me something that you do that you don’t choose to do.” 

100% of the choices you make are yours. Figure out what matters to you, and then decide whether you’re willing to accept whatever the cost is to make it actually happen.

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