Why Cleanse?

It is a fact that we are surrounded by toxins and other compounds that are harmful to us. Not only in the air we breathe, the soil our food is grown in and the water we drink, but also in the products we apply to our skin and the processed foods we eat. Accumulated over time, these toxins can begin to have a negative effect on our well-being.

Cleansing with the Pure Change Program helps you increase your ability to detoxify and resets your daily relationship with your food choices. When you adjust your focus to accept only what’s good for your body, the condition of your skin, hair, eyes, nails and even your mental attitude will improve. You’ll wake up in the morning feeling more refreshed without having to rely on caffeine to get your day going.



Will I lose weight?

If you follow the program it is highly probable you will lose weight.

Can I drink alcohol?

Avoid alcohol.

How will I feel?

In the first couple of days you may feel you don’t have as much energy as normal. This is likely due to the caffeine (and sugar) withdrawal. By days 3-5 you should begin feeling normal if not better than before.

What if I take medication?

Please consult with your doctor before doing the Pure Change Program.

Should I take my normal vitamins and supplements?

You may suspend other natural vitamins and supplements during the Pure Change Program under the guidance of your health care provider.

In the event of a caffeine withdrawal headache, what should I do?

Try drinking a cup of green tea. If that doesn’t work, try a cup of black coffee (half regular, half decaf). Once your headache recedes, switch to decaf coffee and begin to eliminate coffee from your diet.

How do I manage hunger?

It is important to be aware that at the onset of the program you may go through an adjustment period.

It may take your system 5-7 days to adjust to the program.

Also, recognize whether you are experiencing emotional or physical hunger:

Emotional hunger

It is the desire to distract one’s self from situations and or feelings through eating or drinking. Try the following to avoid it:

Drink an 8-16 oz. water. Then wait 20 minutes. Go for a walk, read, change your environment, or contact your support people.

Physical hunger

Can indicate that the body is not getting enough fuel. Try the following to avoid it:

Check that you are properly following the timing and portions outlined in the program.If in Phase 1, consume additional vegetables.If in Phase 2, consult the protein calculator to make sure you are getting enough protein. If so, consume additional vegetables.

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