Take Back Control After The Holiday Season

Pure Change Detox by Dr Passler Detox after holiday

When it comes to maintaining your healthy eating habits, the holiday season doesn’t make it easy. From office holiday parties to family get-togethers and Friendsgivings, temptations lurk around every corner from November through December.

That’s why January and New Year’s Resolutions offer an opportunity to start fresh, recharge and detox. Here are some of our tips for getting back on track and tackling 2019 in January and beyond. 

Water water water.

There’s nothing wrong with indulging and getting off course a bit during the holidays – we’re all human! Instead of letting yourself fall into bad habits that extend beyond the holiday season, though, take the New Year as a time to reset your body. Start small: Up your water consumption to de-bloat, clear out your system and flush out toxins.

Shock your system.

After a long holiday season, vacation or if you’ve just had an indulgent few weeks (isn’t cold weather the worst like that?), it may be hard to kick your newfound habits (like extra dessert, or just one more pig in a blanket) to the curb. By jumping right into our 7 or 21-day program, you’ll be on a regimented plan that allows for little wiggle room to allow for those lingering chocolates in the office. It’ll get you back on track cold turkey, rather than slowly easing back into your usual routine. 

Detox with a friend, family member or co-worker.

Anything is easier when you can commiserate with someone going through the same thing. Enlisting a buddy to detox with gives you a support system, cheerleader, motivational coach and someone holding you accountable throughout. When you have the urge to splurge, text or call your companion and they’ll remind you of all of the positive results that you’ll see after you detox. 

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