Dr. Charles Passler

Pure Change is a cutting-edge nutrition regimen created by renowned nutritionist Dr. Charles Passler to fulfill his mission to help as many people possible feel healthier and become the best version of themselves.  He believes that wanting to change is the first step in improving your life. By rearranging your priorities, you can create a sustainable, healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Passler has excelled professionally for over 20 years as an established nutritional and lifestyle expert in New York City. He caters to a diverse clientele - including Victoria’s Secret models, actors, and directors. Since starting his practice, Dr. Passler has devoted his life to encouraging clients to become the best version of themselves. His nutritional guidance revolves around personalized meal and supplement plans and is intended to vastly improve the quality of life of all of his clients.

The Clinic

If you are interested in booking an appointment with Dr. Passler please visit www.drpassler.com for more information.